Darton was founded in 1982 as a distributor of connectors and mechanical electronics. Located in the north-eastern outskirts of Milan, it currently occupies a large commercial area.
Darton staff has many years of experience in the field of electronics. Founded as a local distributor in Lombardy, over time it has achieved a national dimension.

Experience and specialization are at the base of the company policy that has allowed Darton to manage a wide package of customers covering all the electronics sectors in Italy. Industrial automation, Automotive, vending, lighting, White goods, Consumer etc.
The ever-expanding market has led companies to take the path of product specialization.
Darton has chosen the connection and following the acquisition of Raimondi SRL since 2008 also of passive products with high technological content such as Murata and Raltron products.
The desire to be specialists pushes Darton to turn to the electronic market with a complete product package and quality.
Service and competence are the winning tool to provide a range of quality and technologically advanced products to an increasingly demanding clientele.



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