Ningbo East is the most important professional Chinese manufacturer of ceramic piezo since 1987.
The piezo ceramic element, the core business of many buzzers, determines the efficiency, reliability and the real quality of the device, certifying the correct frequency of the sound emitted.

The production is related to the following product categories:
- Piezo and magnetic buzzer
- Sirens
- Alarms
- Speakers

Ningbo East has faced a strategic element with investments with evident success.
Ningbo East has a laboratory equipped with an Anechoic Chamber and R & D design Center for the development of customized products, elements that tha are focused are appreciated by customers that are focused on customized solutions.
The quality of Ningbo East is comparable to he most important manufacturers in the world and in the recent past it has further improved some production lines to increase the efficiency of the standards ,respecting the strict standards of automotive regulations , according to ISO / TS16949.
The new headquarters and the new production plant, inaugurated on February 2013, are part of the investments faced by the East to ensure a constant commitment in pursuing its "mission", to become the most technologically important piezo ceramics manufacturer in the world.