We have become accustomed to cars with all kinds of sensors and tech tools, some of which are geared towards comfort and ease of driving, others towards safety. That of children left in rear seats is still an area that has yet to be explored in this respect.
Often the little ones fall asleep moments after touching the seat, lulled by the car, no longer giving any sign of their presence. Add to this the fact that the first months of a newborn's life for every parent are a wonderful and stressful time, and even the most attentive ones may get out of the car and remember the baby moments later.
Pending US legislation, European NCAP standards require car manufacturers to include child protection and detection features inside a locked vehicle.

Using Murata's 60 GHz high-frequency radar signal technology, it is possible to detect the presence of a person inside the passenger compartment and determine their position. The technology is also able to distinguish between a sleeping baby (life presence detection - LPD) and an inanimate object (object location and classification -OLC), the solution is also designed to protect the privacy of passengers and minimise false positives from pedestrians and passing vehicles.

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