Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Every aspect of our daily lives is now based on digital.
This is why, in recent years, data centres have required high-speed processing of ever larger volumes of data and thus faster servers.

These devices require large amounts of current to operate, and there are two problems that must be managed for their stable operation: the fluctuation of the IC voltage and the management of IC heat generation.

To solve these problems, it is necessary both to increase the capacitance of the capacitors used to suppress voltage fluctuations and to mount large, high-performance heat sinks (cooling units) on the ICs.
Murata has developed a low-profile, high-capacity, low ESR polymeric capacitor that does not involve heat sinks and also helps reduce the number of components required. This polymeric aluminium capacitor achieves a capacitance of 470 μF with dimensions of 7.3 x 4.3 mm and a height of 2.0 mm.
The new capacitor not only reduces the amount of surface area required for mounting on electronic components, but also helps reduce component costs.
In addition, the miniaturisation of the products reduces the materials used and energy consumption during processing for better environmental sustainability.

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